UK spends $5.6b on Brexit planning

2022-07-10 France bans gathering of over 1,000 people amid COVID-19 fears Portuguese president to be quarantined for 2 weeks Italy resorts to tough measures Refugee issue in Aegean Sea adds to Turkey-Greece tensions Italy places 16m people in quarantine; Partial lockdowns expected in US Coronavirus cases rise to 203 in Sweden Italy begins lockdown to stop virus' spread UK stocks and bonds tumble, PM to chair emergency meeting Exhibition shines a new light on Nightingale US cities, states taking aggressive actions like China's to contain virus Coronavirus cases outside China hit 20,000: WHO Irish pair charged after migrants found on truck Oil price plunge sends FTSE 100 tumbling Turkish president urges Greece to open border for illegal immigrants Novel coronavirus cases in the UK increased from 209 to 273 China to contribute $20 million to the WHO for response to COVID-19 Italy announces quarantine Milan, Venice locked down as virus rages UK spends $5.6b on Brexit planning